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General County Information

County Seat: Pryor

Created at statehood from lands lying within the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, the county was named for Samuel H. Mayes, Cherokee chief. The first permanent white settlement in Oklahoma was at Salina where the French established a trading post in 1769. Near Mazie is the site of Union Mission, established in 1820 by a Presbyterian missionary to the Osages. The important Texas Trail followed the Grand River through the county, entering the state at the northeast corner and continuing south to the Red River. Pryor Creek (or Pryor), the county seat, was named for Nathaniel Pryor, a scout with the Lewis and Clark expedition who settled at Pryor's Creek, an Osage trading post a few miles southeast of the present town. Located 44 miles from Tulsa, Pryor Creek is on U.S. 69 and S.H. 20, and is 20 miles from the Arkansas River Navigation Channel. Mid-America Industrial Park, the largest in the state, has more than 7,000 acres of industrial real estate. Industry consists of beef production which ranks number one in the county and dairying which ranks third in the state. Major crops are soybeans, hay, sorghum, wheat and corn.

State District Court Information

State Court Judges:
Shawn S. Taylor, Rebecca J. Gore, Special Judge Jacqueline Stout

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Favorability to Defendant: 2

Ratings Guide: 1=Extremely Favorable 2=Moderately Favorable 3=Neutral 4=Moderately Unfavorable 5=Extremely Unfavorable

State Court Judges:
Shawn S. Taylor, Rebecca J. Gore, Special Judge Jacqueline Stout

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Notable Verdicts

Morelaw is a free reporting service that plaintiff and defense lawyers use. So, it is not necessarily a representative cross-section of verdicts. In our opinion, the plaintiff's bar reports favorable outcomes more frequently than the defense bar reports favorable outcomes.

Date: 5/2018
Case Style: Jason Paul Baker v. Joseph Richards
Judge: Shawn Taylor
Outcome: The Jury found the Non-Party tire company to be 100% negligent and Defendant to be 0% negligent. The Jury awarded damages in the amount of $150,000.00. By operation of law after applying the percentages of negligence, the Court found in Favor of the Defendant and Against the Plaintiff.
Description: Negligence (Motor Vehicle)

Date: 08/17/05
Case Style: Garner v Dry
Judge: Gary J. Dean
Outcome: Comparative negligence verdict 60% plaintiff fault, 40% defendant fault
Description: Automobile accident on Intersate

For More Information: 2004-60&s=OK&d=30426

Date: 08/16/02
Case Style: Breedlove v. Transwood of Omaha
Judge: James Goodpaster
Outcome: $2,176,000
Description: Wrongful termination for filing a workers' compensation claim.

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Date: 11/30/00
Case Style: Oklahoma Department of Transportation v. Walker
Judge: McBride
Outcome: $30,024 defense verdict.
Description: Eminent domain/condemnation action.

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Unemployment Rate:

Unemployment Rate:
May 2018: 4.0%
December 2017: 4.5%
December 2016: 5.4%
December 2015: 4.2%
December 2014: 4.0%
December 2013: 5.6%
December 2012: 6.0%
December 2011: 6.9%
December 2010: 8.6%

Major Employers:
Agriculture has long been the primary economic activity in the county. Important crops include: corn, soybeans, sorghum, and hay. Cattle raising and dairy farming occur in the more rugged parts of the Ozark Plateau. Heavy industry came to the county in 1941 with the creation of the government-owned Oklahoma Ordnance Works, a munitions manufacturing plant near Pryor. The plant, which had been operated by duPont, closed after the end of World War II, and remained vacant for many years. In 1960, the former munitions plant was converted into the MidAmerica Industrial Park, which included plants manufacturing paper, cement, and fertilizer. The Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) is a major employer. It operates several hydroelectric plants and two coal-fired electric power generators in the county. There is a Google data center in the county.

Demographic Information

Housing Units:

State Total: 1,734,066
County Total: 19,529

Poverty Populations:
State: 15.8%
County: 17.2%

Median Household Income:
State: $49,767
County: $45,302

State: 3,943,079
County: 40,921

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