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General County Information

County Seat: Chickasha

Grady County was created at statehood and named for Henry W. Grady, editor of the Atlanta Constitution. Chickasha, the county seat, was named for the Chickasaw Indians and is known as the "Queen City of the Washita" because of its strategic location. In addition to the H. E. Bailey Turnpike and other highways, the OKT-MKT and Burlington-Northern railroads serve the transportation needs of the county. Specialized educational needs are met by the Jane Brooks School for the Deaf and the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, all in Chickasha. Recreational opportunities are available at Lakes Burtschi and Chickasha.

State District Court Information

State Court Judges:
Timothy A. Brauer, John E. Herndon

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General Court Information:

Favorability to Defendant: 2

Ratings Guide: 1=Extremely Favorable 2=Moderately Favorable 3=Neutral 4=Moderately Unfavorable 5=Extremely Unfavorable

State Court Judges:
Timothy A. Brauer, John E. Herndon

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General Court Information:

Notable Verdicts

Morelaw is a free reporting service that plaintiff and defense lawyers use. So, it is not necessarily a representative cross-section of verdicts. In our opinion, the plaintiff's bar reports favorable outcomes more frequently than the defense bar reports favorable outcomes.

CASE:                  CJ-2015-37, Grady County

Jeannine White, Individually, and, Personal Representative of the Estate of Kylie Andrews, 
The Estate of James E. Lancaster, Defendant

JUDGE:               John Herndon

For the Plaintiff:                                                       For the Defendant:
Paul Kolker                          Bret Burns                  Phil Hurst
Pignato Cooper et al       Burns Law Firm         Hurst, McNeil & Gordon
Oklahoma City, OK          Chickasha, OK           Sulphur, OK

ISSUES:              Negligence (Premises); Wrongful Death

SUMMARY:       Plaintiff alleged that on March 24, 2013, a fire occurred in a rental home 
owned/managed by Defendant. Plaintiff claimed that the home was unsafe and lacked a simple, 
low-cost smoke detector. Plaintiff’s daughter and a third-party (both 19) were killed in the fire.

Defendant denied that it owned, rented or managed the rental home and therefore had no duty to 
protect the occupants. Defendant also claimed that the home had a working smoke detector but that 
someone had removed it.

For the Plaintiff:
Curtis Ozment Ketchum, OK
Fire investigation and causation

VERDICT:          Jury Trial (12-0)

The Jury found in Favor of the Plaintiff and awarded compensatory damages in the amount of 

The Jury also found in Favor of the Plaintiff on the issue of Punitive Damage
and awarded Punitive Damages in the amount of $3,500,000.00.

Date: 05/17/2013

Case Style: Lindsey Graumann v. Michael Baker

Judge: Barbara G. Swinton

Outcome: Settlement for the plaintiff in the amount of 38,958.00

Description: injury due to negligence 


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Date: 05/27/06

Case Style: Watkins v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company
Judge: Richard G. VanDyck
Outcome: $3 million in compensatory damages and $9.9 million in punitive damages.
Description: Breach of contract and bad faith theories claiming that the defendant wrongfully failed and refused to adjust the Watkins' claims relating to tornado damage relating to a 1999 storm. State Farm denied wrongdoing.

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Date: 11/05/05
Case Style: Raney v A&M Express, L.L.C.
Judge: George W. Butner
Outcome: Plaintiffs' verdict for $1,000,000.00
Description: Automobile collision - Plaintiffs' vehicle was hit head-on by a tractor-trailer being driven by Defendant

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Date: 05/17/02
Case Style: Wall v. Chisholm Trail Counseling Services
Judge: Richard Van Dyck
Outcome: $1,500,000
Description: Wrongful death and negligence claim involving a suicide.

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Unemployment Rate:

Unemployment Rate:
December 2016: 4.4%
December 2015: 4.1%
December 2014: 3.4%
December 2013: 4.6%
December 2012: 4.8%
December 2011: 4.9%
December 2010: 5.7%

Major Employers:
Primary industries include transportation. This community is so small that we have been unable to determine major employers.

Demographic Information

Housing Units:

State Total: 1,711,453
County Total: 22,584

Poverty Populations:
State: 16.1%
County: 13.1%

Median Household Income:
State: $48,568
County: $52,279

State: 3,923,561
County: 53,612

These materials are intended merely as an aid to better understand the counties in Oklahoma. The opinions of other lawyers in the state may vary from the opinions contained herein. The demographical information and jury verdicts in this report were obtained through public websites. All other information is the express opinion of Holden & Montejano. Please contact Steve Holden for further information on the opinions expressed herein.