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General County Information

County Seat: Ardmore

Located in south central Oklahoma, Carter County has a diverse economic structure including energy, agriculture, aviation, industry and research. It is home to Michelin North America, a non-union plant that is consistently the most productive in the system. Aviation companies (Japan Air Lines, McDonnell Douglas, Ryder Systems and AAR) have benefited from a former Air Force base-turned industrial airpark. Ardmore has been listed as one of the 50 Best Towns in America and twice named All-American City. Home to a 278-bed hospital and day surgery center, a wellness center, a free community medical clinic and a chemical dependency center.

State District Court Information

State Court Judges:
Thomas K. Baldwin, Carson M. Brooks, Dennis Morris

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Favorability to Defendant: 2

Ratings Guide: 1=Extremely Favorable 2=Moderately Favorable 3=Neutral 4=Moderately Unfavorable 5=Extremely Unfavorable

State Court Judges:
Thomas K. Baldwin, Carson M. Brooks, Dennis Morris

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Notable Verdicts

Morelaw is a free reporting service that plaintiff and defense lawyers use. So, it is not necessarily a representative cross-section of verdicts. In our opinion, the plaintiff's bar reports favorable outcomes more frequently than the defense bar reports favorable outcomes.

Date: 07/06/2013

Case Style: Scott Boling v. Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health System, LLC

Judge: Mary Fitzgerald

Outcome: Dismissed

Description: Negligence theories


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Date: 05/03/2013

Case Style: Lori Hicks v. Trisha Watz

Judge: Tom A. Lucas

Outcome: Plaintiff€™s settlement for $5,000.00

Description: Negligence theory


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Date: 04/01/2013

Case Style: Belinda Mullins v. George Gutierrez

Judge: Linda G. Morrissey

Outcome: Plaintiff€™s settlement

Description: Auto negligence


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Date: 10/14/2012

Case Style: Stephen Obermark v. Allstate Insurance Company

Judge: Dana Kuehn

Outcome: Plaintiff€™s settlement 

Description: Auto negligence 


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Date: 03/09/2011

Case Style: Jeremy Jones v. Yohanan Zomer, M.D.

Judge: Rebecca b. Nightingale

Outcome: Plaintiff€™s settlement 

Description: Negligence theory


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Date: 04/16/2008

Case Style: Wilkinson Law Firm v. Marc Chambers v. Bill Bilkinson

Judge: Unknown

Outcome: Defendant€™s verdict

Description: Breach of contract


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Date: 6/23/04

Case Style: Francis Abshire v Super C Mart, Inc.
Judge: Lee Card
Outcome:  Defense verdict
Description: premises liability

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Date: 02/11/02
Case Style: Easterwood v. Mercy Memorial Health Center, Inc.
Judge: Lee Card
Outcome: $26,639
Description: Personal injuries sustained in hospital involving an amputee who fell after surgery.

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Unemployment Rate:

Unemployment Rate:
May 2018: 4.0%
December 2017: 4.0%
December 2016: 4.9%
December 2015: 4.3%
December 2014: 3.8%
December 2013: 4.8%
December 2012: 5.6%
December 2011: 5.9%
December 2010: 6.8%

Major Employers:
Michelin North America (manufacturing)
Mercy Memorial Health Care Center (healthcare)
Dollar General (distribution)
Wal-Mart Supercenter (retail)
Ardmore City Schools (education)
1-800 (service/call center)
City of Ardmore (government)
Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation (plant biology)
Joe Brown Company (manufacturing)
Valero Energy Corporation (energy)

Demographic Information

Housing Units:

State Total: 1,734,066
County Total: 21,681

Poverty Populations:
State: 15.8%
County: 17.0%

Median Household Income:
State: $49,767
County: $47,754

State: 3,943,079
County: 48,190

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