Oklahoma Districts

U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma

Favorability to Defendent: 3
Ratings Guide: 1=Extremely Favorable 2=Moderately Favorable 3=Neutral 4=Moderately Unfavorable 5=Extremely Unfavorable

Location: Oklahoma City

The Western District has an even more conservative judiciary than the Northern District. However, the jury pool is less conservative than the Northern District. It is a transitory problem, but mediation is not effectively done in the Western District. This should improve over the next 18 months but currently mediation in the Western District is counter productive to settlement. ***** [Please call Steve Holden for further information].

Federal Court Judges:
Chief Judge Joe Heaton, Vicki Miles-LaGrange, Robin Cauthron, Timothy DeGiusti, Lee West, David Russell, Stephen Friot, Gary Purcell, Shon Erwin, Suzanne Mitchell, Charles Goodwin, Bernard Jones

Counties Within This Federal Jurisdiction:
Alfalfa, Beaver, Beckham, Blaine, Caddo, Canadian, Cimarron, Cleveland, Comanche, Cotton, Custer, Dewey, Ellis, Garfield, Garvin, Grady, Grant, Greer, Harmon, Harper, Jackson, Jefferson, Kay, Kingfisher, Kiowa, Lincoln, Logan, Major, McClain, Noble, Oklahoma, Payne, Pottawatomie, Roger Mills, Stephens, Texas, Tillman, Washita, Woods, Woodward

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Notable Verdicts

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CASE:                  CIV-16-3809-HE, USDC Western District
Dea Rosenbaum, Plaintiff
Charles Hitchcock and CRST Expedited, Inc., Defendants

JUDGE:               Joseph Heaton


For the Plaintiff:
Monty Cain                Anthony Laizure        David Holt and Stephen Smith
Cain Law Office         Laizure Law PLLC    Brain Injury Law Center
Oklahoma City, OK    Tulsa, OK                  Hampton, VA

For the Defendants:
Todd Goolsby and James Gibbs
Goolsby, Proctor, Heefner & Gibbs
Oklahoma City, OK

ISSUES:              Negligence (Motor Vehicle/Truck)

SUMMARY:       This case arose from a collision involving the parties on a bridge on I-40 in 
Canadian County on the night of July 16, 2014. Plaintiff alleged that his vehicle had become 
disabled on the bridge and that Defendant was negligent because he saw, or, should have seen, that 
the car was disabled but continued  to drive at 65 mph without slowing or changing lanes before 
colliding with Plaintiff’s Mazda 3. As a result, Plaintiff incurred significant orthopedic injuries 
as well as PTSD and a Traumatic Brian Injury. Plaintiff sought his past medical bills of 
approximately $35,000.00 and future medical and counseling bills of approximately $282,000.00.

Defendant admitted he was negligent for striking Plaintiff’s vehicle which was disabled on the 
bridge with no shoulder and was partially in his lane of travel. Defendant disputed the extensive 
nature and extent of Plaintiff’s claims of both economic and noneconomic damages.
economic and noneconomic damages.


CASE:                  CIV-16-152-F, USDC Western District
Allertein Therapeutics, LLC, Plaintiff
ARL BioPharma, Inc., Defendant
JUDGE:               Stephen Friot

For the Plaintiff:                                                                  For the Defendant:
Ronald Shinn                        Scott Birnbaum               David Cheek and Jeff Love
McAfee Taft                           Birnbaum & Godkin      Cheek & Falcone PLLC
Oklahoma City, OK            Boston, MA                        Oklahoma City, OK

ISSUES:              Breach of Contract (Business Relationship)

SUMMARY:       This case arose from the business relationship between the parties involving the 
development of a potential vaccine for the treatment of peanut allergies. Plaintiff alleged that 
Defendant had been retained to perform a number of laboratory tests on an ingredient of the 
proposed vaccine. Plaintiff claimed that Defendant had provided a certificate of analysis that the 
mixture was acceptable. Plaintiff claimed that they relied on the report and had their contract 
manufacturer incorporate the mixture into nanoparticles. After incurring the costs of 
manufacturing, Plaintiff claimed that they found that the mixture was contaminated and made all the 
nanoparticles unfit. As a result, Plaintiff claimed actual losses of approximately $1,000,000.00 
and damages of lost opportunity and diminished value if the vaccine had been successful of
$4,000,000.00-$7,400,000.00. Plaintiffs also alleged actions/inactions of Defendant that justified 
awarding Punitive Damages.

Defendant denied any intentional acts or omissions. Defendant asserted that the report which was 
sent to Plaintiff was a draft and not a final report and Plaintiff unreasonably relied on it and 
should not have begun manufacturing until a final report was issued. Defendant also asserted 
Affirmative Defenses claiming Plaintiff’s failure to maintain its facility in accordance with Good 
Manufacturing Practices. Defendant brought Counter-Claims for Breach of Contract and Unjust 
Enrichment for failure to pay for the testing services performed in the amount of $88,145.00.

CASE:                  CIV-16-1207-HE, USDC Western District

Shawna Springer, Plaintiff
Board of County Commissioners of Alfalfa County, Defendant

JUDGE:               Joe Heaton

For the Plaintiff:                                                                           For the Defendant:
Jean Walpole Coulter                                                                Jordan Miller and Michael Carr
Jean Walpole Coulter & Associates                                    Collins, Zorn & Wagner, PC
Tulsa, OK                                                                                       Oklahoma City, OK

ISSUES:              Civil Rights Violation (Gender Discrimination); Civil Rights Violation 
(Disability Association Discrimination)

SUMMARY:       Plaintiff was employed by Defendant as a dispatcher from July, 2013 to November, 
2014, working rotating day, evening and weekend shifts. Plaintiff claimed that her husband was 
disabled and could not care for himself or their children alone in the evenings and she requested 
to be reassigned to a day shift. Plaintiff claimed that when a co-worker returned form maternity 
leave and given the day shift, Plaintiff was forced to resign. Plaintiff claimed that after her 
resignation, two day shifts opened up but she was not hired for either one in violation of 
Defendant’s policy and procedure which should have kept her application open for one year for 
re-hire. Plaintiff claimed gender and association disability discrimination.
Defendant denied the allegations of the Plaintiff and claimed that she was not re-hired because 
there were more qualified individuals that were hired.
Defendant also denied that Plaintiff’s husband was not disabled according to the terms of the ADA.

VERDICT:          Jury Trial

The Jury found in Favor of the Defendant and Against the Plaintiff on all

CASE:                  CIV-15-324-C, USDC Western District

Dr. Rachel Tudor, Plaintiff
Southeastern Oklahoma State University and The Regional University System of Oklahoma, Defendants

JUDGE:               Robin Cauthron

For the Plaintiff:
Ezra Young                                         Brittany Novotny                       Marie Galindo
Law Office of Ezra Young             National Litigation Group       Law Office of Marie Galindo 
Brooklyn, NY                                     Oklahoma City, OK                   Lubbock, TX

ISSUES:              Civil Rights Violation (Gender Discrimination)

SUMMARY:       Plaintiff sued the Defendants, her former employers, alleging that she was 
discriminated against after she announced her transgender status during the 2009-2010 application 
cycle for tenure and promotion. Plaintiff claimed that she was subjected to a hostile work 
environment; denied tenure; denied the opportunity to reapply for tenure in 2010-2011; and, 
retaliated against for voicing complaints about the discrimination.

Defendants denied the allegations of discrimination by plaintiff. Defendants claimed that her 
applications for tenure in 2008 and 2009 were always independently reviewed according to policy and 
procedure by the Dean and Vice-President and denied on the basis of merit. Defendant claimed that 
they made recommendations for improvement of her portfolio and advised Plaintiff that if the 
deficiencies in her portfolio were not corrected during the next academic year, tenure would be 
denied. Defendants claimed that Plaintiff surprised them when she refused to accept the offer and 
withdrew her application. Ultimately her application for tenure was denied and she was barred from 
future reapplication.

For the Plaintiff:
Dr. Robert Dale Parker
Dept. of English, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
Opinion on Tenure and Promotions

VERDICT:          Jury Trial (Six Days)
The Jury found in Favor of the Defendants on the issue of Hostile Work Environment. The Jury found 
in Favor of the Plaintiff on the remaining issues of Gender Discrimination, Denial of Tenure and 
Retaliation and awarded
damages in the amount of $1,165,000.00.

Date: 09/18/07
Case Style: Morton, Puig, and Lister v. Watco Companies, Inc. and Stillwater Central Railroad, Inc.
Judge: Stephen P. Friot
Outcome: $225,000.00 in compensatory damages and $435,000.00 in punitive damages
Description: Plaintiffs claim they were fired for attempting to form a union.

For more information:

Date: 05/31/07
Case Style: Phillips-Bey v. Lieutenant Tipp
Judge: Vicki Miles-LaGrange
Outcome: Defense verdict.
Description: Civil rights - 42 U.S.C. 1983, claiming that Defendant used excessive force in arresting him.

For more information:

Date: 02/24/07
Case Style: Grant v. Progressive Casualty Insurance Co.
Judge: Vicki Miles-LaGrange
Outcome: $61,000,000.00
Description: Plaintiff sued Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. 2000e, claiming that she was discriminated against by Defendant because of her sex.

For more information:

Date: 10/03/06
Case Style: Thomsen, et al. v. City of Anadarko
Judge: Stephen P. Friot
Outcome: Defense verdict.
Description: Karen Thomsen and Kathryne McCauley sued the City of Anadarko on civil rights theory claiming that they were discriminated against becuse of their age.

For more information:

Date: 04/20/06
Case Style: Sharon Ross, an individual, d/b/a Bail Bonds by Myra v. Sylidia Italiano, individually and as Personal Representative of The Estate of Myra L. Winn, et al.
Judge: Joe Heaton
Outcome: Defense verdict.
Description: Civil rights claim, 42 U.S.C. 1983.

For more information:

Date: 03/30/06
Case Style: Glazing Concepts Inc v. Hanover Insurance Company, et al.
Judge: Joe Heaton
Outcome: $717,000.00
Description: Diversity of citizenship breach of insurance contract claim, bad faith and civil conspiracy claims. Plaintiff claimed that Defendants breached its agreement with Plaintiff by failing to pay business interruption losses and other claims under and insurance policy.

For more information:

Date: 02/22/06
Case Style: Royal Surplus Lines Insurance Company v. Lakeside Village Properties, LP
Judge: David L. Russell
Outcome: Breach of contract/repair costs $193,784.16 in damages, Bad Faith claim in favor of defendant.
Description: Royal Surplus filed its declaratory judgment action seeking interpretation of the policy with respect to claims made by Lakeside arising from a fire loss. Lakeside counter claimed for breach of contract and bad faith, requesting punitive damages on both.

For more information:

Date: 10/15/05
Case Style: Wilhite v. Safelist Glass Corporation
Judge: Stephen P. Friot
Outcome: Jury found for defendant on first two claims, and plaintiff on third with damages of $9,200. Several weeks prior to trial, offer of judgment was made for $10,000.
Description: Gender discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment and retaliation claims.

For more information:

Date: 09/02/05
Case Style: Voyager Indemnity Insurance v. Adams et al.
Judge: David L. Russell
Outcome: $65,000 for actual damages and $17,000 for punitive damages.
Description: Subrogation claim.

For more information:

Date: 07/15/05
Case Style: Jenkins v. Oklahoma Agriculture & Mechanical Colleges Board of Regents
Judge: Joe Heaton
Outcome: $300,000
Description: Race discrimination.

For more information:

Date: 05/06/05
Case Style: Cottrell v. Dominguez
Judge: Robin J. Cauthron
Outcome: $10,001
Description: Allegations of sexual discrimination.

For more information:

Date: 08/14/04
Case Style: Carlisle v. Oklahoma State University
Judge: Tim Leonard
Outcome: Settled for $40,000
Description: Wrongful termination based on gender.

For more information:

Date: 07/02/04
Case Style: Managed Health Resources, Inc. v. Human resources Consulting Group
Judge: Wayne E. Alley
Outcome: $26,000
Description: Breach of contract claim, fraud and breach of warranty.

For more information:

Date: 01/29/04
Case Style: Walters v. Oklahoma County
Judge: Stephen P. Friot
Outcome: Settled for $20,000.
Description: Discrimination based upon race.

For more information:

Date: 04/25/03
Case Style: Evans v. Fogerty (Director of Oklahoma Health Care Authority)
Judge: Joe Heaton
Outcome: $34,000,000
Description: Retaliation for political actions - 1st Amendment Case.

For more information:

Date: 03/25/03
Case Style: Harris v. Hitachi Transport
Judge: Wayne E. Alley
Outcome: $50,000 in compensatory damages and $354,000 in punitive damages.
Description: Employment discrimination.

For more information:

Date: 02/21/03
Case Style: Green Family Investments, L.P. v. Bottling Group, L.L.C.
Judge: Lee R. West
Outcome: $270,000
Description: Breach of contract and negligence.

For more information:

Date: 02/20/03
Case Style: Cherokee Industries, Inc. v. 4-Star Trailers, Inc., et al.
Judge: Ralph G. Thompson
Outcome: $883,321 on defendant's counterclaim and $160,617 in loss of profit on defendant's counterclaim.
Description: Declaratory judgment action involving claims of validity on patent. Defendant countersued.

For more information:

Date: 02/07/03
Case Style: Braun v. Southern Nazarene University
Judge: Wayne E. Alley
Outcome: $54,000
Description: Personal injury claim.

For more information:

Date: 01/30/03
Case Style: Hill v. State Farm Mutual Insurance Company
Judge: Ralph G. Thompson
Outcome: $18,500 in compensatory damages, $1,000,000 for breach of good faith, and $1,000,000 for punitive damages.
Description: Bad faith and breach of contract in connection with an uninsured motorist policy

For more information:

Date: 01/10/03
Case Style: Weaver, et al. v. Cornett, et a.
Judge: Stephen P. Friot
Outcome: $422,000
Description: Civil rights violation stemming from alleged race discrimination.

For more information:

Date: 12/23/02
Case Style: Hatfield v. Liberty MutualLife Insurance Company
Judge: Stephen P. Friot
Outcome: $110,000 in damages and $45,000 in punitive damages.
Description: Bad faith in connection with an uninsured motorist claim.

For more information:

Date: 09/13/02
Case Style: Massco Properties, et al. v. Murphy Oil USA, Inc.
Judge: David L. Russell
Outcome: $4,800
Description: Breach of contract claim.

For more information:

Date: 09/10/02
Case Style: Albrecht v. National Bureau Collections, Inc.
Judge: Robin J. Cauthron
Outcome: $1,000
Description: Fair Debt Collection Act claim.

For more information:

Date: 09/09/02
Case Style: Soler-Minardo v. Rumsfeld
Judge: Stephen P. Friot
Outcome: $33,000
Description: Discrimination and retaliatory discharge.

For more information:

Date: 04/22/02
Case Style: Securities and Exchange Commission v. Cochran
Judge: Wayne E. Alley
Outcome: Settled for $220,000
Description: Securities fraud claims relating to sales of Oklahoma bonds.

For more information:

Date: 04/16/02
Case Style: Swinton v. Belford, M.D.
Judge: Bana Roberts
Outcome: $3,816,000
Description: Medical malpractice claim involving a child born with severe and permanent brain damage due to doctor's negligence.

For more information:

Date: 02/27/02
Case Style: Taylor v. Shelter Mutual Insurance Company
Judge: Wayne E. Alley
Outcome: $10,000
Description: Bad faith breach of insurance contract.

For more information:

Date: 02/08/02
Case Style: Condit v. Oklahoma State University Board of Regents
Judge: Lee R. West
Outcome: Settled for $3,300,000 including $1,000,000 in attorney fees.
Description: Class action suit involving race discrimination for being white.

For more information:

Date: 12/21/01
Case Style: First America Insurance Group v. Reliance Electric Industrial Company
Judge: Vicki Miles-LaGrange
Outcome: $675,000
Description: Property damage claim.

For more information:

Date: 09/17/01
Case Style: Bourk v. Boise City Grain, Inc., et al.
Judge: David L. Russell
Outcome: $1,500,000
Description: Products liability claim involving mislabeling of product causing crop damage.

For more information:

Date: 08/17/01
Case Style: Juarez v. ACS Government Solutions, et al.
Judge: Tim Leonard
Outcome: $22,500 in back pay and $250,000 in punitive damages.
Description: Employment discrimination based upon race and national origin.

For more information:

Date: 06/25/01
Case Style: Brown v. Union Pacific Railroad Company
Judge: Tim Leonard
Outcome: 0
Description: Tort claim involving construction of dike near a railroad right of way.

For more information:

Date: 06/21/01
Case Style: Jones v. City of Edmond
Judge: Vicki Miles-LaGrange
Outcome: $230,000
Description: Employment discrimination claim based on age and race.

For more information:

Date: 04/26/01
Case Style: Plain v. Murphy Family Farms
Judge: Wayne E. Alley
Outcome: $1,900,000
Description: Wrongful death claim involving truck driver whose truck slid into a lagoon and he drowned.

For more information:

Date: 03/11/01
Case Style: Brooks v. Prudential Property & Casualty Insurance Company
Judge: Tim Leonard
Outcome: $96,219 on claim of breach of contract.
Description: Breach of contract; bad faith.

For more information:

Date: 02/24/01
Case Style: Akin v. Cabrera & Rephen, PC
Judge: Tim Leonard
Outcome: $45,000
Description: Fair Debt Collections Act claim.

For more information:

Date: 02/09/01
Case Style: Primus Auto Financial Services, Inc. v. Central National Bank of Enid
Judge: Vicki Miles-LaGrange
Outcome: $100,000
Description: Breach of contract.

For more information:

Date: 01/12/01
Case Style: Stewart v. City of Kingfisher, et al.
Judge: Robin J. Cauthron
Outcome: $79,500
Description: Civil rights violation of first amendment rights.

For more information:

Date: 01/04/01
Case Style: Brett, et al. v. Hillerich & Bradsby, et al.
Judge: Robin J. Cauthron
Outcome: $100,000
Description: Products liability claim involving a Louisville Slugger baseball bat.

For more information:

Date: 12/15/00
Case Style: Trentadue v. United States
Judge: Tim Leonard
Outcome: $20,000
Description: Civil Rights Act violation regarding an inmate found hanging in his cell at a correctional facility.

For more information:

Date: 10/05/00
Case Style: Wells v. Redwine
Judge: Robin J. Cauthron
Outcome: $105,679 in favor of defendants
Description: Breach of contract with counterclaim by defendants.

For more information:

Date: 08/25/00
Case Style: Jones v. Pace American, Inc.
Judge: Wayne E. Alley
Outcome: $35,000 in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages.
Description: Fraud.

For more information:

Date: 08/18/00
Case Style: Smith v. Diffee Ford Lincoln
Judge: Ralph G. Thompson
Outcome: $58,000
Description: Employment discrimination based upon race.

For more information:

Date: 07/21/00
Case Style: Lawson and Johnson v. City of Oklahoma City
Judge: Vicki Miles-LaGrange
Outcome: $60,217
Description: Employment discrimination.

For more information: