General County Information

County Seat: Wagoner

Created at statehood, Wagoner is named for its major city which is also the county seat. An early settler of the area was Nathan Pryor, a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, which was originally based at Three Forks, now called Okay. Pryor later moved to what is now called Pryor Creek where he established a trading post. The main thoroughfare of the county was the Osage Trace, which became known as the Texas Road in 1826. During the Civil War this route was heavily traveled. In 1866 the Texas Road became known as the East Shawnee Trail, one of the first cattle trails to cross the area. In the early 1870s the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas (KATY) railroad extended into the county. While Tulsa's industrial area and the Port of Catoosa provide employment for many Wagoner County citizens, agriculture remains a basic element in the economy, with grain and cattle being of major importance.

State District Court Information
Favorability to Defendant: 3
Ratings Guide: 1=Extremely Favorable 2=Moderately Favorable 3=Neutral 4=Moderately Unfavorable 5=Extremely Unfavorable

State Court Judges:
Douglas A. Kirkley, Dennis N. Shook,

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Notable Verdicts

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Date: 08/23/01
Case Style: Duty v. Pritchett Trucking and Connecticut Casualty
Judge: David Nelson
Outcome: $495,000
Description: Automobile truck accident involving amputation of fingers of non-dominate hand.

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Date: 01/25/01
Case Style: Simons v. Mullin
Judge: Darrell Shepard
Outcome: $10,000
Description: Automobile/backhoe accident.

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Employment Information

Unemployment Rate:
December 2016: 4.7%
December 2015: 3.8%
December 2014: 3.7%
December 2013: 4.8%
December 2012: 5.1%
December 2011: 5.5%
December 2010: 6.4%

Major Employers:
Wagoner Community Hospital
City of Wagoner
Wagoner Care Center
LeBarge Pipe & Steel

Demographic Information

Housing Units:

State Total: 1,711,453
County Total: 31,169

Poverty Populations:
State: 16.1%
County: 10.2%

Median Household Income:
State: $48,568
County: $55,715

State: 3,923,561
County: 75,391