General County Information

County Seat: Pawhuska

In 1872, the United States Government purchased land from the Cherokee Nation for the Osage tribe and it was then that the tribe moved to Indian Territory. At statehood, 1907, this Osage Reservation became Osage County, the largest county in Oklahoma. The name is a corruption by the French of the tribal name Wah-Sha-She. Pawhuska, the county seat, was named for Chief Pa-hue-Skah, which means "white hair." Oil and gas, as well as horse and cattle ranching on the famous bluestem grass, contribute to the economy of Osage County. Attractions to the county include Indian and western cultural activities, museums, recreational facilities, lakes, creeks, rivers, the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve north of Pawhuska, the Osage Tribal Museum and Headquarters in Pawhuska, and Osage Hills State Park.

State District Court Information
Favorability to Defendant: 3
Ratings Guide: 1=Extremely Favorable 2=Moderately Favorable 3=Neutral 4=Moderately Unfavorable 5=Extremely Unfavorable

State Court Judges:
B. David Gambill, Stuart Tate

Reasonably good jurisdiction but be careful what Plaintiff attorney is involved. ***[Please contact Steve Holden for further information.]

General Court Information: http://www.oscn.net/applications/oscn/start.asp?viewType=COUNTYINFO&county=OSAGE
Search Court Cases: http://www.odcr.com/

Notable Verdicts

Morelaw is a free reporting service that plaintiff and defense lawyers use. So, it is not necessarily a representative cross-section of verdicts. In our opinion, the plaintiff's bar reports favorable outcomes more frequently than the defense bar reports favorable outcomes. www.morelaw.com

Date: 10/17/03
Case Style: Thomas v. Cudd Pressure Control, Inc.
Judge: J.R. Pearman
Outcome: $25,000 to driver, reduced to $12,750 due to contributory negligence (49%). $4,500 and $3,500 awarded to passengers.
Description: Automobile accident.

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Date: 02/19/03
Case Style: Cole & Wade v. Quinton
Judge: J.R. Pearman
Outcome: $11,000
Description: Automobile accident.

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Date: 10/25/00
Case Style: Beaston v. U.S. Fidelity and Guaranty Insurance of Baltimore
Judge: J.R. Pearman
Outcome: $6,600,000 in compensatory damages and $13,200,000 in punitive damages.
Description: Breach of insurance contract and bad faith claims regarding cancellation of an insurance policy.

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Employment Information

Unemployment Rate:
December 2016: 5.5%
December 2015: 4.8%
December 2014: 4.7%
December 2013: 5.4%
December 2012: 5.7%
December 2011: 6.3%
December 2010: 7.1%

Major Employers:
Primary industries include oil and gas, as well as horse and cattle ranching. This community is so small that we have been unable to determine major employers.

Demographic Information

Housing Units:

State Total: 1,711,453
County Total: 21,528

Poverty Populations:
State: 16.1%
County: 16.3%

Median Household Income:
State: $48,568
County: $45,443

State: 3,923,561
County: 48,054