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Holden & Carr stresses a balance of aggressive representation with a recognition of our clients' economic interests and concerns.

Nursing Home Defense

Holden & Carr understands the unique concerns and issues involved with nursing home, hospice, and home health agency litigation. As the nation’s population grows older, the need for specialized care increases. More facilities open each year to handle the demand. Consequentially, there is an increase in cases alleging negligence by long-term care facilities.

Whether it is a resident’s fall inside the nursing facility, allegations of neglect, or the development of an unexplained injury, we recognize that injuries can occur even with care and treatment that far exceeds the standard of care. The firm places a strong emphasis on the client’s commitment to quality patient care at all stages of court proceedings. Holden & Carr is attentive to the evolving nature of nursing homes, hospices, and home health agencies.  Our attorneys work with a reputable network of medical experts to fully prepare the defense against claims of negligent treatment of patients.

Holden & Carr defends nursing home, hospice, and home health agency cases in all stages of litigation.  The firm continuously evaluates a claim for early resolution strategies while aggressively pursuing the matter in anticipation of trial.


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