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Holden & Carr stresses a balance of aggressive representation with a recognition of our clients' economic interests and concerns.

Appellate Practice

Holden & Carr recognizes that over the years the practice of law has changed a great deal in that matters are tried to a jury less frequently and an emphasis is not greatly placed on quality research, writing and appellate practice.  The firm has a team of attorneys that concentrates their efforts on appeals in both Oklahoma State and federal courts either through interlocutory pretrial appeals, writs of prohibition and Mandamus, as well as appeals from trials in the district court both as to our own trial work as well as to appeals of clients referred to us by other lawyers. 

Our appellate attorneys have prepared briefs, presented oral arguments, represented clients and generally handled appellate work in:

  •  Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals
  •  The Supreme Court of Oklahoma
  •  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit
  •  The U.S. Supreme Court

Our firm has extensive experience handling appeals in a broad range of matters including medical malpractice claims, insurance coverage, tort liability, civil & governmental liability including First Amendment Protections, product liability, Errors & Omissions as well as a host of evidentiary and trial practice issues arising in all of the firm’s litigation or those matters referred to us post trial by other attorneys. 

The Firm strives to remain current and up to date on Oklahoma’s case law as well as changes to the statutory landscape and upcoming legislative bills.  We take pride in representing our clients not only in the courtroom before the jury but also with a firm foundation of research, writing and successful appellate work.


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