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Holden & Carr stresses a balance of aggressive representation with a recognition of our clients' economic interests and concerns.

Staffing and Procedures

All attorneys, legal assistants, and secretaries at Holden & Carr are critical components of our overall commitment to results and client service. By carefully focusing on certain practice areas under the general heading of insurance defense, we constantly meet our clients' needs efficiently, cost-effectively, and professionally. Our firm stresses continuity in its client relationships and attempts to have our clients consistently deal with the same attorney. There may be others involved from time to time, but the attorney who starts your case will normally be the primary contact. Our firm has found that our clients appreciate knowing who is on their case and that the job is in good hands. It is the combination of those factors that leads to lasting relationships and successful results. It is in the area of service that this firm excels and provides the most cost-effective defense available in the state. The following is the promise of our commitment we make to every client:

  • Within 150 days of the answer date, we will provide a preliminary evaluation that thoroughly addresses the factual and legal issues, anticipated discovery, venue, parties, liability, and damages. Our evaluation will thoroughly address your potential exposure.
  • Our 150-day evaluation is not a moving target. Over 90% of our evaluations do not change throughout the case. You should expect nothing less from a specialized defense firm.
  • Our 150-day evaluation promotes early settlement of claims which greatly reduces litigation costs. A claim settling for $100,000.00 within six months of assignment is far less expensive than one settling for $100,000.00 after three years of litigation. If early settlement is not indicated, then our energies are focused on winning at trial.
  • We are trial attorneys and look forward to the trial of tough cases. Except in the truly extraordinary circumstance, we will not amend our evaluations as trial draws near. We realize that if we are as good as we claim, our evaluations should be accurate and dependable.
  • Only under unusual circumstances will a case be settled at or near "the courthouse steps." We have worked hard to earn a reputation as aggressive trial lawyers. Plaintiff attorneys in Oklahoma know that if they want to settle with us, they should settle early. It is to your advantage to help us foster that reputation.



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