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Holden & Carr stresses a balance of aggressive representation with a recognition of our clients' economic interests and concerns.

About Us

We are a non-traditional defense firm, and that is what the industry needs now. How are we “non-traditional?” The traditional defense firm plays defense and rarely takes the offense. Our firm plays offense and rarely takes the defense. The traditional defense firm finds it easiest just to let the plaintiffs push the case at plaintiff’s pace and merely react to the plaintiff’s moves. We call this “playing not to lose” instead of “playing to win”- we play to win.

Playing to win means taking the ball and running with it from the moment the file comes in. We want all plaintiff attorneys to know when dealing with our firm that we are aggressive.

You’re probably wondering how our firm that claims to be different and aggressive is any different or more aggressive than the other firms that tout that ability. The bottom line is our “150 Day Evaluation”.  Within 150 days of filing the answer to a complaint, we place an evaluation on the claim that 90% of the time does not change from then through trial. In fact, if anything changes in the “150 Day Evaluation” it is more likely to be lower during ongoing litigation instead of higher. For the 150 Day Evaluation we have to assume that plaintiff’s expert(s) will hold up reasonably well and the major part of their defenses will be figured out in discovery. Actually, what we’ve found is that often the plaintiff’s expert(s) and claims do not hold up well with an aggressive onslaught, and consequently we de-value the case when possible.  

The key to our 150 Day Evaluation is our monthly “Status Report” on every file. The Status Reports are not only reviewed by you, but the senior partner on every file. If the Status Report does not project an aggressive and clear plan and finish everything needed for the 150 Day Evaluation then a brief, but unbilled, meeting occurs between the senior partner and the a lead attorney on the file. We promise our Status Reports have meat on the bones – you will not see Status Reports stating “nothing new this time, we’ll update you again next month.” You can trust that our attorneys and our paralegals know the firm’s position on being aggressive and timely on the completion of the 150 Day Evaluation.

Let’s talk about saving you money. There’s another way we’re different than the other standard insurance defense firm-and this difference clearly saves you money. Our attorney fee rates are certainly not the cheapest, nor do we intend them to be. The old axiom of “you get what you pay for” certainly applies in the litigation arena as well. You’ll find our bills through the 150 Day Evaluation phase have quite reasonable totals. We do that by hiring the best and brightest litigation paralegals in the state and allow them to be the engineer that drives the train. They do not determine everything that needs to be done on the file leading up to the 150 Day Evaluation, but in the Initial Team Meeting on a file a game plan is agreed upon between the lead attorney, senior partner and paralegal and the paralegal works forward from that meeting pulling it all together. Our paralegals are just as bright and capable as our lawyers. Our cases are littered with recommendations and thoughts of the paralegal that made a difference in our files. We even have one case where the paralegal made a $15 million difference to the outcome of the case. The senior partner and lead attorney also deal with your file frequently, but only when necessary to get to that 150 Day Evaluation.

In the end, you have an evaluation within 150 days that you can count on to set reserves, or more importantly to make a settlement. We have no problem with our clients settling the cases early if there is no further need for us on that particular file. It may be counterintuitive but that type of aggressive defense work has caused a doubling in the volume of work at this firm over the past 5 years. Our clients appreciate us being a different defense firm.


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