Product Liability

Product liability cases present complicated legal issues for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, and often carry the risk of substantial financial exposure. Holden Litigation's trial attorneys have extensive experience defending product liability and toxic tort cases. Their experience includes defending companies in lawsuits alleging the defective design and manufacture of products such as motor vehicles, orthopedic devices, pharmaceuticals, equipment for oil well drilling, pipeline, manufacturing paper products milling equipment, and riding lawnmowers.

Claims may arise out of design, manufacture, packaging, labeling, as well as engineering defects and allegations of failure to warn.

When a claim arises from a personal injury or damages to other property due to a product defect, we immediately examine the product and, if feasible, purchase an exemplar product to determine if the product in question is fit for the ordinary purpose for which it was intended or may reasonably be expected to be used.

In the area of drug and medical device product liability, immediate investigation is undertaken into how drug and device manufacturers impart product information to prescribing physicians and consumers.

Our depth of experience in defending product liability and tort cases enables us to identify the dangerous cases and conclude them on terms most advantageous for our clients.

Holden Litigation's product liability litigators work with clients from a broad range of industries to provide proactive, preventive assessments and full-scale litigation services in the area of product liability and general tort law. Clients include manufacturers of products, raw materials, and component parts, such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, construction supplies, heavy machinery, chemicals, metals, transportation equipment, pesticides, paints, and other household products.

Consistent with the firm's commitment to helping clients prevent problems before they occur, we conduct liability audits and reviews to identify and control potential weaknesses in production, manufacturing, and quality control procedures.

Clients rely on our experience, technical expertise, and in-depth knowledge of applicable laws, regulations, and courtroom precedent to provide them with the most effective pursuit of liability claims and defenses. We have successfully represented clients in jury and bench trials in state and federal courts.

Believing that swift, efficient resolution is often in our client's best interests, we have been involved in numerous alternative dispute resolution proceedings, such as arbitrations, mediations, and settlement conferences.