Motion Practice

Holden Litigation takes motion practice very seriously and looks at it as an opportunity to define the scope and nature of claims early on and to even eliminate both claims and parties through motions to dismiss and summary adjudication. This streamlines the discovery process and makes assessing the value of claims more accurate for settlement purposes as well as simplifies potential trial. We aggressively defend the breadth and range of requested discovery where it will provide us a strategic advantage or save the burden and expense of production. At the same time, we do not hesitate to challenge the admissibility of evidence, the testimony of opposing lay and expert witnesses, or the applicability of proffered standards and regulations.

While we insist that each and every one of our attorneys is, foremost, an excellent writer, we additionally maintain separate research, writing, and appellate attorneys within our firm, who each have no less than 25 years of experience and who know the subtleties of the local courts and nuisance of state law. These attorneys handle the most legally complex and reoccurring issues so as to maximize the value provided the client.