Holden Litigation's Litigation Department is one of the most capable and experienced in the Midwest and Southwest. Our trial lawyers have provided aggressive representation in civil disputes of all kinds including administrative regulatory proceedings as well as arbitrations and mediations and have appeared in state and federal venues.

Although our trial attorneys are licensed to practice in five states and have tried cases in many more, their practices are mainly concentrated in the Southwestern United States where Holden Litigation's offices are located.

Many of our attorneys are licensed to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court and before multiple state and federal courts of appeals and have had experience as judicial clerks with state and federal trial courts or courts of appeals. In addition, many of our trial attorneys are members of organizations dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of litigation practice, such as the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel, the Oklahoma Association of Defense Counsel, the Texas Association of Defense Counsel, and the Defense Research Institute.

Our trial attorneys are trained to listen first. We understand clients have different business and legal objectives, which range from righting a wrong to limiting financial exposure. We know that handling difficult litigation matters requires not only a thorough knowledge of relevant areas of law, but also a complete understanding of our clients' objectives. Because our attorneys have extensive experience in many types of cases, we are able to provide creative solutions and sound advice in response to sophisticated and complex litigation problems. We work with our clients to assess the issues and risks and devise a litigation plan that will meet the client's objectives. Where appropriate, we create client service teams by marshalling the best talent, knowledge, and experience from across the firm. We believe such collaboration is imperative to the success of a complex case and to achieve the best results in a timely manner at minimum expense.

Our substantial litigation experience means that our clients are effectively represented in the event of court action and are advised on how to avoid potential liability and exposure in planning matters.

Because so many Holden Litigation lawyers are experienced in complex litigation, we are able to assemble teams tailored to the particular elements of complexity, to utilize the skills of these lawyers with the latest technology to achieve efficiency and, ultimately, to deliver results in the courtroom before juries or judges.

We also understand the need for cost-consciousness and efficiency. Litigation is expensive but can be controlled through litigation management skills, risk-assessment techniques, and selective use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques suitable to the particular situation.

Our reputation and our willingness to take cases to trial enhances our already substantial leverage in obtaining the most favorable settlements possible for our clients.

Our corporate clients agree.

Excellence in litigation involves a number of skills: intellect, diligence, aggressive pursuit of client objectives, an understanding of the art of persuasion before different forums, and other talents. When the litigation involved can be characterized as "complex," all of these skills remain important, but complex litigation typically requires additional skills and experience that many highly competent commercial litigators do not possess.

Litigation can be characterized as complex, because it incorporates one or more of the following features:

Massive document populations to be produced by or to the firm's client and mastered as plaintiff or defendant;

Very large numbers of potential deponents and witnesses;

Issues involving complex calculations and large quantities of data;

Complexity and interrelationship of multiple issues;

Extreme time pressures imposed by judges, opponents, or client imperatives;

Class action claims;

The need to present and defend, or cross-examine, expert witnesses in arcane and highly technical or otherwise complex subjects; and

The need to persuade through the use of sophisticated graphics and technologically sophisticated courtroom persuasion techniques.

The members of Holden Litigation's Complex Litigation group have faced all of these situations and combinations of them. Together, the group offers many decades of litigation experience in complex litigation in federal and state courts and in administrative trial-type adjudicative proceedings. Because so many of our lawyers are experienced in complex litigation, we are able to assemble teams tailored to the particular elements of complexity, to utilize the skills of these lawyers in conjunction with the latest technology to achieve efficiency, and ultimately the most important factor to deliver results in the courtroom before juries or judges.

These talents are combined with understanding the need for cost-consciousness and efficiency. Complex litigation is expensive. Some situations are appropriately characterized as "millions for defense, not a penny for tribute," while in others the sense of "when to hold and when to fold" is of preeminent importance.

Legal research, too, can be expensive. Our collective experience is such that on many issues little research is required, because we have been there, done that. Surgically targeted research to fill in gaps or focus on cases in a particular forum, rather than writing legal tomes, can do much to reduce costs. We also draw upon our prior work product and an in-house brief bank, which can often be updated at modest cost compared to a research project that starts from scratch.

Assessing the right approach must be a collaborative effort of our team and the client's internal team. We recognize that, after all, it's the client's business and the client's money that are at stake.