Directors & Officers

Corporate litigation, particularly directors & officers liability, has grown exponentially in a short amount of time. In the not too distant past, the corporate hierarchy was infrequently sued. More often than not, the thought of suing directors and officers rarely crossed the mind of a plaintiff attorney. In today's climate, directors and officers are among the first, if not the first, to be sued in the litigation process.

Because directors & officers liability litigation is fraught with danger due to the nuances of carrier coverage, it is imperative that the firm selected for defense by the carrier be well versed in the handling of policies, manuscripts, and treaties. We have long been considered a firm very adept at handling those issues. In addition, we have vast experience in assisting the carriers to evaluate and manage exposures.

For the corporate defendant, we know very well the tough and contentious litigation that is set to unfold. Our Directors & Officers group knows the business side of the equation well and is instinctively knowledgeable about the exposure and risks to the management of a major corporation.

This firm is considered fearless when it comes to trial and trial preparation. Based on our training and experience we are well suited to protect our client's assets and more importantly their good name.

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